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Subject: Re: Re: Subject: [IP] Parents & Children with Type 1

I know we have seen several responses, but I would like to share also.  
You do what you feel is right for you.  I wanted children sooooo bad.
 So, now I have two. One is 16 yrs old and has ADHD. Wouldn't give her up for
the world. She has been a challenge from the day she was born, as was my second.
Ten years later I gave birth to a 1# 11oz. 24-25 week premie. You couldn't tell
it now. She has asthma, but fights it all the way. She is beautiful. But neither
have diabetes. I have been thinking of testing for the gene, but do I want to
know? I don't know.
As I have seen others write.  I am the only diabetic known in my family.  
 I feel it was a result of my Rubella virus (my hypothesis). I had the MMR
vaccine as a child and then developed Rubella later. To this day I have a high
Rubella titer. I know this only because when tested during pregnant (a common
test) both times the antibody test was extremely high. My diabetes was
discovered just shortly after this series of events took place (the vaccine and
the virus outbreak). I know I am just guessing.
 Anyway....back to the story. If you want children, have them. Any woman has
risks of having a child with disabilities. And no, I would not wish diabetes on
my worst enemy. I just know how much I love my children and they are so much a
part of me. They have been with me in my most horrible moments and they have
endured what many children have not. I would not trade it for the world. They
are such a precious gift from God and if it is his will that they develop
diabetes I will take care of them. Just like my Mother has and still does take
care of me.
 If you don't want them then don't. You have that choice. If you don't know yet,
you will.
Good Luck and lots of hugs.

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