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[IP] What do you know about Insulet (FDA clearance today)

Here's a list of some of their patents and patent applications

PAT. NO.Title
16,830,558Flow condition sensor assembly for patient infusion device
26,768,425Medical apparatus remote control and method
36,749,587Modular infusion device and method
46,740,059Devices, systems and methods for patient infusion
56,723,072Plunger assembly for patient infusion device
66,699,218Transcutaneous delivery means
76,692,457Flow condition sensor assembly for patient infusion device
86,669,669Laminated patient infusion device
96,656,159Dispenser for patient infusion device
106,656,158Dispenser for patient infusion device
116,485,461Disposable infusion device

120050022274User interface for infusion pump remote controller and method of
using the same
220040235446Medical apparatus remote control and method
320040220551Low profile components for patient infusion device


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for the courage to manage it appropriately."  Melissa P. Ford, doctoral
in early modern British history at Oxford University; founding coordinator of
the Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network; member of Balliol
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