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Re: Subject: [IP] Parents & Children with Type 1

Hi Sarah
I am married to a T1 and am also a mom of a T1. We have 3 kids and only 1 of
them has been diagnosed T1 (at age 9). Before we decided to enter parenthood
we spent allot of time talking and making decisions based on "what if we had
a child with diabetes?". After the kids were born we thought everything was
fine and they didn't have diabetes. Our middle child was diagnosed at age 9
and I am glad that we had talked about the "what if?" because we are both
willing to what has to be done for the sake of our daughter (even when it is
out of our comfort zone or it means changing careers). We have both made
many sacrifices over the last 5 years because of the diagnosis of diabetes
but they have been worth it. There are days when things don't go right with
her diabetes and when things get really rough I do find myself in tears BUT
I have never regretted giving birth to any of my children and the good times
out weigh the stressful times. My child with diabetes told me one day that
she was glad she got diabetes, I thought she was nuts and asked her why and
she said because now her dad looks after himself better. This kid seems to
leave a positive impression about life everywhere she goes and is very
involved in trying to make other people happy.
I would encourage you to talk to your partner and look at the "what ifs?" in
every aspect of your life and then follow your heart. Only you will know if
parenthood is the right decision for you.
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