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Re: [IP] Animas Battery Alarm

>On my R1000, I get about 8 weeks of battery life before the pump throws it's
>semi-monthly fit.  They suggested I change them more often, but they don't
>pay for the batteries, I do.   If they're claiming to have fixed the battery
>problems in later R1000 generations, I think they're full of it.  They
>replaced my R1000 once and it still does it.  I wasn't happy at the time
>since I was high and needed to bolus.

I wouldn't know about later "R1000 generations" as they've stopped 
producing that pump, AFAIK.  But with my IR1000 the last set of 
batteries lasted 11 weeks.  I use an average of 45 units daily, 50 if 
my ice cream is Ben & Jerrys.    ;>)

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