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Re: [IP] question

If she gets a waist wrap it usually is out of the way just fine.  I know we
were all teenagers at one time and at least quite a few understand so tell
her the waist wrap works great.

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> At 04:37 PM 2/28/03 -0500, you wrote:
>  >my friend who is 17 has diabetes and wants to ahve sex with her
boyfriend of
>  >4 years. Shes on the pump. She was wondering how/where to put the part
> the is
>  >connected to her stomach. This is not me this IS my friend. im onli 13
>  >thank you
>  >*~*Lauren*~* diabetic for four years pumping for 1 and 1/2
> Tell her to ask her mother.
> Liz
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