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Re: [IP] more newbie stuff

> I have another question:  does anyone here use oral diabetic meds?  I was
> taking very large amounts of insulin for my size so my doc put me on
> glucophage and actos a few months ago and they seem to be working well.
> it be any different when I have a pump?

I was taking Amaryl and Actose prior to getting my pump.  After a month my
internist decided to take me off of them.  Now, I'm not sure if it was the
right idea or not.  I'm finding it very difficult to control my blood
sugars.  My pump trainer is working with me and we have set up another
segment on my Animas to try to hold things down.

My advice would be to go off your oral meds with some degree of caution.
Naturally YMMV.

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