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Re: [IP] flying?

To carry syringes, pen needles, and/or infusion sets, you must have insulin
with a pharmacy printed prescription label.  To carry lancets, you must have
a glucometer with a manufacturer name printed on it.  You are supposed to
inform them that you are wearing an insulin pump when you go through
security, but I know that a lot of people don't do that and do fine.  I
think it's a good idea to tell the airline that you wear an insulin pump
before the trip.  That way you can solve some potential problems ahead of
time.  When my mother's friend booked her trip she was told that because her
pump was battery operated she'd have to disconnect it for the 5 hour trip!
She worked that problem out before she got to the airport.  The first time
we flew after 9/11 I was terrified that they would give us a hard time about
our son's supplies, but they were wonderful.  Have a good trip.


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> I am going to Arizona to watch some spring training.Are they allowing
> supplies to carry on?I have not flown since 9 -11.What precautions will I
> to take?
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