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Re: [IP] Animas Battery Alarm

I don't manually record any information on paper.  When I remember, I do 
enter site changes into my Freestyle Tracker.   To remind myself to change
my sites, I tend to use the reservoir as my indicator.  Since I use about 65
units a day, I fill the res with about 210 units and wait for it to empty
as my trigger to change sites again (3 days).   I reuse reservoirs 2 or 3 times
before I throw them, so wasting them by changing after only filling with 210
units isn't a problem.

On my R1000, I get about 8 weeks of battery life before the pump throws it's
semi-monthly fit.  They suggested I change them more often, but they don't
pay for the batteries, I do.   If they're claiming to have fixed the battery
problems in later R1000 generations, I think they're full of it.  They
replaced my R1000 once and it still does it.  I wasn't happy at the time 
since I was high and needed to bolus.

--- Phoenix Becker <email @ redacted> wrote:

>   Do you use the Animas pump flowsheet to record your info? There is a little
> box to check for set change, just a thought. The battery alarm is my one pet
> peeve too. I did not order my pump until a sales rep assured me they fixed
> that
> problem
>  after the first year of production. 

> Animas tech support said I should change the battery every three weeks before
> I
> get an alarm, but I don't want to waste the battery life.
> Phoenix
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