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Re: [IP] Using New Infusion Sets, Need Advice...

> I am switching from the Quicksets to the Silouhettes (did I spell that
> right?) The quicksets were too difficult to detach and reattach on my five
> months pregnant belly and my sites stayed sore because of it.

I guess it is a bit late to be thinking this way, but I would HIGHLY
recommend considering trying Disetronic Ultraflex infusion sets.  They are
much like the Quicksets, only the disconnect is just like the disconnect for
the Silhouettes.  And I find them MUCH easier to insert without an inserter.

I know it really is true that YMMV, but after all the threads I've read
about learning how to reconnect with the Quicksets, I didn't even want to
TRY it.  And I was afraid to use a set without an inserter, because my
Sofsets always get snagged where the cannula begins.  This didn't happen
with the Ultraflex, though.  (The cannula is tapered, so it slides in more
easily.)  I'm downright THRILLED not to be dependent on an inserter!

Now I have some old infusion sets to use up, but after I use them, I am
switching exclusively to the Ultraflex.  Chances are also good that I'll
give their Tenders a try, too.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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