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[IP] Animas Battery Alarm

email @ redacted writes:
>Alas, the Animas R1000 does not record priming events in it's log. It's the
>other one of the big annoyances with mine.  (the other being the unstoppable
>low battery alarms)
>- -Brent

  Do you use the Animas pump flowsheet to record your info? There is a little
box to check for set change, just a thought. The battery alarm is my one pet
peeve too. I did not order my pump until a sales rep assured me they fixed that
 after the first year of production. Mine does it though and I have not gotten a
low alarm in 7 months of pumping, only the dead battery alarm. At first I was
really pissed by this but I got over it when I realized that I get two months
for every
 batter change. Still why did it have to happen just before Thanksgiving dinner?
Animas tech support said I should change the battery every three weeks before I
get an alarm, but I don't want to waste the battery life.
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