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[IP] re-primeing

email @ redacted writes:
>I've been changing just the res for months now and haven't noticed any 
>problems with air. I do make sure I leave the tubing connected to me 
>until I attach the new res, I assume no air can get in this way. If you 
>disconnected at the site then change the res. there might be a an air 

  I don't think this is safe. When I was trained the CDE emphatically told me
never to disconnect the tubing from the pump while it was still attached to the
infusion set. She said that the air pressure and moving the tubing around could
 some of the insulin in the tubing. Especially if you raise the tubing above the
level of the infusion set. Please consider disconnecting before changing the
reservoir; you can always reprime the old tubing.
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