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[IP] more newbie stuff

Hello everyone and thanks for the responses.  I know I dont reply quickly but
I am on digest.  I carb count everything I eat and take humalog to cover any
carbs.  I see my doc on monday and I will ask him if I can try lantus in the
mornings before having to go to NPH again.

My husbands reaction to the pump at first surprised me but then I started
thinking:  how would I feel if he had to have something similar?  Probably
close to the same way he does.  I think as human beings we are always more
afraid of our loved ones experiencing pain than ourselves (even though
injections, finger sticks and pumps dont really hurt much).  I have been
giving myself shots for years, but I balk at giving someone else an injection
because I dont want to hurt them.  When ever he gives me a shot and I bleed or
get a bruise he apologizes profusly.  My husband told me that he is afraid
that he will catch my tube and rip it out or something ( we rough house quite
a bit).  So I guess he will get used to it in time.  I wonder if I could get
an extra infusion set and have him wear it for a couple of days to show him it
doesnt really hurt???  Of course no insulin or anything just the canula.

I have another question:  does anyone here use oral diabetic meds?  I was
taking very large amounts of insulin for my size so my doc put me on
glucophage and actos a few months ago and they seem to be working well.  Would
it be any different when I have a pump?
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