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Re: [IP] One touch Ultra Smart - Question

I just turned the backlight on each of them next to each other (and went 
into the dark closet! lol), and if anything, I would say it is slightly 
brighter than the Paradigm - although the smaller text is not quite as clear 
as the text on the Paradigm. I used the UltraSmart for a couple of middle of 
the night readings this week. I liked the light - but it was still somewhat 
difficult to see the drop of blood on my finger and line it up with the test 
strip. I was able to test without turning on a light, though, which I 
couldn't do with the Ultra. The light is very similar to the one on the 

Type 1 8 years, Pumping with Buzz the MM Paradigm for 9 months

>I'm considering getting this new meter in the next couple of days. I'm just
>wondering if the backlight is like the backlight on the paradigm? Anyone 
>the paradigm that has this new meter? I just want to know what kind of 
>to expect for those 3:00 a.m. testings. Right now I use the Accu Chek 
>so my light is my nightstand lamp. LOL.
>                                    Jamie

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