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[IP] Site changes

Well, normally the 72 hours is norm. But if you should feel a pain, itching
or if you notice the site going red, maybe a bit of blood in the site area,
Very bad BGs w/o explanation you might change the site for the heckovit.

From: Jon Wagner <email @ redacted> wrote:

"Ok, I have had my pump hooked up since wed 11 am, I asked if there was
any way I should be able to tell when it was time to change the
insertion site.  I was told give it about 72 hours, then change, so set
my countdown watch to 72 hours.  BUT is there anything else I should be
mindful of in making a change, as all the literature I have read says
with luck you should be able to get between 48 and 72 hours??


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Jenny Sutherland
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