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Re: [IP] Small Reservior

Michael English wrote:
I've been changing just the res for months now and haven't noticed any 
problems with air. I do make sure I leave the tubing connected to me 
until I attach the new res, I assume no air can get in this way. If you 
disconnected at the site then change the res. there might be a an air 

 Whenever you disconnect a pump infusion set at the reservoir,the insulin in the
tubing will move to the path of least resistance due to gravity. This will
result in the tubing filling with air and if you are still connected with an
unplanned bolus into you. The best way to prevent this is to use a tubing clamp,
which come in the battery packs, before disconnecting from the reservoir. You
then have to refill the tip of the tubing with insulin before reconnecting to
the tubing and removing the clip. The Paradigm connection is different, however,
and I am not sure if this effect would be as dramatic as in the earlier MM 500
series with luer locks. It may not happen at all with the Paradigm. Has anybody
had a chance to test this?
Leigh J. Steed, RN, CDE
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