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[IP] Re: Re: testing with uncalibrated strips!

Don't fret too much Barbara.  you're not likely off more than 15 
mg/dl.  I forget which way it works, but my recollection is that if 
you set the cal on the meter too high, the reading will be a bit low. 
Depends on the difference between the setting and the actual cal, but 
if the difference is less than 20 i wouldn't worry about it too much. 
Lifescan knows exactly how much, but they just don't want to tell you.

<I<<<<realized this morning I have been testing at least one or two vials worth
of strips without realizing the code numbers didn't match the meter's.
When I called Lifescan (I use the Ultra) to try to determine how far off my
readings were, the rep said there was no way to know, but that they were
indeed incorrect.
Anyone have any idea about this?  I try to be so careful, and still mess
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