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[IP] Re: testing with uncalibrated strips!

>I realized this morning I have been testing at least one or two vials 
>of strips without realizing the code numbers didn't match the meter's.
>When I called Lifescan (I use the Ultra) to try to determine how far 
>off my
>readings were, the rep said there was no way to know, but that they 
>indeed incorrect.
>Anyone have any idea about this?  I try to be so careful, and still 
>mess up.

I did this once.  I can say that the difference can be large.  I tested 
one time with a wrong code, and it read ~190.  I immediately realized I 
had the wrong code, and retested after fixing the code.  The new test 
read ~140.  50 mg/dL off is a big deal.  Of course, the actual 
difference might not be that large, depending on the codes.  Perhaps, 
for example, the calibration difference between your two codes would 
only be 10 mg/dL.  (I'm sure that is why they said that they don't know 
what the difference would be.)

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