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Re: [IP] Ultra Smart - what one pumper thinks...

>I had this same situation with my AccuChek Complete.  I believe (if I 
>remember correctly, it's been a long time since I used it) you could 
>the time ranges for those categories for the Complete.   My problem 
>that I eat on a very flexible schedule, which means lunch today might 
>noon, tomorrow it might not be until 2 or 3.  It was impossible for me 
>set up categories with this type of schedule even if the meter allowed 
>changes.  YMMV.

This limitation in these meters doesn't have to be this way.  

In Logbook DM, I created smarter categories.  Basically, you enter when 
the earliest you might eat a meal would be (most of the time) for each 
meal and bedtime.  Then, the categories can be calculated using these 
times AS WELL as looking at the data already entered.

For example, I have my lunch time set at 11:00.  However, if I don't 
eat lunch until 3:00, any BG readings prior to 3:00 will be listed as 
Pre-lunch UNTIL you enter carbs.  At that point, the next reading will 
be marked as post-lunch. This kind of "brains" is not difficult (as it 
didn't take me long to implement in Logbook DM).  While it still isn't 
perfect, it certainly is a lot more accurate most of the time.

I think the problem comes that the developers for meters are targeting 
the larger diabetic population...being Type 2...which tend to be much 
more diet constrained than Type 1 diabetics.  They are more likely to 
have fixed times for eating.  Also, a lot of Type 1 diabetics are still 
on relatively fixed times for eating.  So, the thought of modifying 
this type of category strategy probably hasn't occurred to them at this 

Another issue is that software developers tend to do things in a way 
that is easier for the developer and not necessarily for the user.  :-
)  Also, "competitive analysis" doesn't really allow for much in the 
way of breaking ground.  You implement what keeps you competitive, not 
necessarily what is best for the user (once again).

What can you do?  (In my case, I wrote my own software...eventually, 
the hope is that the big companies will try to follow suit.)

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