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Re: [IP] Waterproof pockets

I just bought these swim trunks. They have a zip lock pouch, two 
ziplocks and fold over with a velcro lock. The pouch is then placed into 
the back pocket and zipped shut. I have the Paradigm, so I'm not too 
worried about water getting in, but should reduce the amount of salt 
water and sand exposed to the pump when I'm snorkeling in cozumel next 
week.  Thanks for heads up on these trunks Jocelyn!


Jocelyn Robinson wrote:

>This may only be of interest and usefulness to the boys and men on the
>list but I thought I would share it.  While looking through my son's
>most recent copy of Sports Illustrated (sorry to say it's the swimsuit
>issue) there was a very interesting add from Speedo.  Available in the
>2003 Speedo line is Speedo's first waterproof pocket.  They advertise it
>as a place to protect your valuables - cell phones, wallets, and
>watches.  I wonder how it would do with a pump?  I guess you would have
>to deal with the tubing coming out somewhere and that would make it not
>waterproof.  My son usually disconnects while swimming, but even finding
>a waterproof place to store the pump while at the beach is difficult.
>Maybe he could just leave it in the pocket NOT connected.  I would want
>to try it out first with something that was not as important as the
>pump.  Anyway, thought some of you might be interested.
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