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Re: [IP] Paradigm battery life changed drastically for me...

In unrelated work I was doing with electronics, I was told from the support 
department (take this with a grain of salt, I have done/found no research 
about this) that duracells are not suggested for their product, because the 
duracells "pulse" and report exhibit warning signs
sooner, although the battery is fine. This can lead to battery level 
warnings sooner, and inaccurately. Perhaps if this is true, the minimed 
battery logic is gets these false warnings.

This would lead to the recommendation to use another brand that does not do 
this, as well, that may be why the Energizer Max is not suggested, as it 
works on the same principle.

Again, this is all surmised from a comment from support person and an 
unrelated battery issue with another product.


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>           Hi.....
>           The battery life on my Paradigm has also gone by the
>wayside......Like the previous letters, the first few months were very
>good....with a battery lasting about 18-20 days....Since Feb 6, I have
>changed batteries 4 times.......the last time being this past Tuesday when I
>got the low battery alarm while about 3pm in the afternoon.....I forgot to
>change the battery before going to a family function...and when I heard the
>alarm I remembered the battery was low....but before 7pm that night.....my
>pump went wacko and power went off......I got the E21 message...but calmly
>went and bought some new batteries at the local drug store....put it in and
>had to re-program the pump.....To me..that was not a big problem.....You just
>have to do it......And as far as this using only one type of battery
>(Energizer)......I think that is a bunch of BULL....A Duracell is just as
>good.......only thing is......Duracell prolly didn't sign an exclusive
>contract with Mini-Med.....:)
>           Vance Scarsella
>           Pumping since May, 2001  (508)    November, 2002 (Paradigm)
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