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Re: [IP] Small Reservior

Also in the software Biz :-) I agree, but to note, the MM Paradigm does 
record both fixed and manual primes, so you could use that info to track 
your infusion set changes.

I have not seen other pumps though.


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>Working in the software biz, one comment I frequently here about designing
>systems is to not force the customer to work around your product's 
>but to design the systems so that they fit into the customer's usage patterns.
>If the people who designed insulin pumps and other diabetic gadgetry were to
>follow this, we might have less to complain about.
>One of my beefs with the current generation of insulin pumps is that they 
>log the last infusion site change (why not keep track of the last prime
>event) so that I don't have to write it down or remember.
>If MM is plotting a larger reservoir in future paradigm pumps, this seems to
>indicate they know they made a mistake and failed to consider that some of
>their target market is resistant to a small insulin supply.
>--- email @ redacted wrote:
> > Can't you just change the reservior?  Thats what I do
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