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Re: [IP] Newbie Question

Jon Wagner <email @ redacted>  wrote:
>Ok, I have had my pump hooked up since wed 11 am, I asked if there was any 
>way I should be able to tell when it was time to change the insertion 
>site. I was told give it about 72 hours, then change, so set my countdown 
>watch to 72 hours. BUT is there anything else I should be mindful of in 
>making a change, as all the literature I have read says with luck you 
>should be able to get between 48 and 72 hours??
>Jon Wagner

I change my site twice per week, my cartridge once each week.  I change my 
sites on Thursday and Sunday and my cartridge on Sunday when I change my 
site.  This is the only way *I* can keep track of what I'm doing.  It's so 
much easier for me to remember to do the changeouts on the same days and 
times each week.  This gives me approximately 3 1/2 days per site and works 
well for me.  I've been doing it this way for nearly 3 years.  YMMV.

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