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Re: [IP] Newbie Question

> Ok, I have had my pump hooked up since wed 11 am, I asked if there was
> any way I should be able to tell when it was time to change the
> insertion site.  I was told give it about 72 hours, then change, so set
> my countdown watch to 72 hours.  BUT is there anything else I should be
> mindful of in making a change, as all the literature I have read says
> with luck you should be able to get between 48 and 72 hours??

i think it's one of those YMMV things.  when i first started pumping, i was
told to change the set every 2 days, whether it needed it or not, for the
first week or two.  now i average 3 days or so per infusion set.  i think
some people can leave their sets for a lot longer, just changing the
reservoirs, or they have a much bigger reservoir, but if i leave mine in for
6 days (approx 2 reservoirs worth), i risk getting it a bit infected.  btw,
i have the paradigm, and the reservoir for it isn't very big.

liz - ottawa
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