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Re: [IP] Re: red spots after changing sites

> As a positive note on red spots, I use them so I know how to rotate my
> sites.

That's why I guess I've NEVER worried about those red spots.  They don't
last long, but they are there for the next couple of site changes.  I just
move about an inch or so over and use that for the next site.  It can take
me several weeks in the same area before I move to another part of the body,
and months before I reuse the same spot twice.  By then, the red spots in
that area are ancient history.  It is time to make some new ones.  Who
cares?  I don't swim much, but even when I do, I use one piece suits.  Who's
going to see?  Even my husband would have to look close to catch them.

I've never given a moments thought to red spots from old sites.  Is there
any reason, other than cosmetic ones, to worry about it at all?  If I should
start treating them, I will, but don't see it as at all necessary.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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