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Re: [IP] Re: red spots after changing sites

Red spots or scar tissue formation are mainly dependent on two factors:

1) kind of material which is brought into the body
2) duration of the presence of this material

1) Plastic materials (soft cannulas) do promote scar tissue formation more
than do steel cannulas.
This is due to the surface constitution of this material. This is one reason
why in surgeory for long-term implants usually metal or keramic ones are
used. (High-tech plastics are also applied!) With breast implants,
encapsulation is sometimes a problem, because the body builds up a barrier
versus the plastic material.
To a smaller extend, this is also true for soft cannulas.

2) Insertion of an infusion set means a lesion to the body. A cascade of
biochemical processes is started to finally heal this injury. At day 3-5,
formation of internal scar tissue starts, if something is left in the body,
or -as for infusion sets- in the skin.

As soft sets tempt us to use them quite long and because of their material,
they promote scar tissue formation and red spots versus steel needles.
That's why I resist the temptation to use soft sets and stay very happy with
my rapid d!
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