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Re: [IP] Help with choosing a pump

One more option:  have you looked into Animas?


email @ redacted wrote:

>     I'm haveing a tough time choosing a pump, and was hoping you folks might 
>be able to give me some pros and cons about the pumps you are all using.  I 
>was going to go with the MidiMed Paradigm, but Ive heard it has had some 
>problems.  My number one choice right now is the Cosmo, and I'm almost ready 
>to order it.  I seems easy to use, and is fairly small and very light weight. 
> But even thought Deltac has been making medical pumps for years, this is 
>their first insuline pump, and that does make me wonder about long term 
>problems and issues.  Anyone using one yet?
>    Thanks for all you help
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