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Re: [IP] Disposal of Syringes

 We're in Escondido. Contact your local disposal company. We are allowed
to put sharps in a coffee can and taped securely. Until recently our
local pharmacy  took sharps, but no longer.


email @ redacted wrote:

  We are in the process of packing and moving and I found the other day heaps
  used syringes that I had kept in a container and forgot about when I got on
    pump. I live in Oceanside, near San Diego and I was wondering if anyone 
    knew of
    a place where I can dispose of these syringes. Thanks.
    Jacqueline  Hall  

  Im from North County too, and what my mom always did for me when I was 
  younger was put the used syringes in a container and close it with duct tape 
  and label it. This way the garbage men can see what it is they are handling. 
  Oh, label it MEDICAL WASTE. 
  This was a while ago when we did this and i am not sure if the law has 
  changed or what the deal is. Hope this helps.

  Adriana-- who is wishing i were back in warmer weather then what we have here
  in chicago
  dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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