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[IP] Nurse

 I was at the hospital today visiting my gramma who is in the ICU and her nurse
was in to test my gramma's sugar(type 2) and my gramma said Summer's got the new
diabetes machine. The nurse kinda looked at me to see if it made sense or if my
gramma was just talking nonsense again(she's been doing it on and off for a few
days) Well I explained I had an insulin pump. the nurse finished up with my
gramma and came over and asked to see it I showed it, and she asked to see where
it was connected I showed and explained briefly. A family member from out of
town was in te room and asked if it was the same as shots. and I said it's
better cause I don't have the long term insulin that makes me have to eat at
certain times. The nurse then said it also helps to stabalize the sugars and
prevent long tem complications(listed a few) and went on and on. I was really
inpressed that she knew about pumps. She said she hadn't seen one yet. I liked
how she said what she knew and didn't go on and on pretending she knew ev

 She was also complaining that the hospital has breakfast at 8:30 and lunch at
11:30 she said it doesn't work well for the diabetic patients and she wished
they would space the meals out better.

 She was a great nurse, she had a good knowledge of Diabetes and everything else
and took the time to explain everything to us and update us. Luckily she'd on
for a few more days!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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