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Re: [IP] Choosing a pump - software

This is the best philosophy, as I specifically asked about the software
at my Paradigm upgrade training  in August of 02 and they said it was
about three months away.  I got that answer recently on software I asked
about with a different pump, so I'll just wait until they're actually
out to believe it.

In the meantime, I went ahead and ordered a new clip for my Paradigm,
after talking to several different people and departments at MM,
including supervisors. They're still trying to figure out if these clips
are supposed to be given out for free or not to people who did the
upgrade from the 508. Several seem to believe they are, but no one seems
to know for sure.   So I just figured I'd buy one and be done with it. 
That company sure doesn't know what goes on in different departments,
but that's probably just your typical big corporation.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted

> When I bought my 507C in 1998, MM was supposed to have a communications port 
> available in a few months from then. I was looking forward to downloading 
> info from my pump into the com port. I ain't seen one yet. So I believe 
> companies will have something when I see it. :-)
> Jan and ElvisToo
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