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[IP] Re: im a newbie :)

Celia, when I was first diagnosed I was only started on Lantus.  After
seeing what my blood sugars were doing at my follow-up visit, I was told I
would need multiple daily injections in addition to my Lantus and to
consider eventually going on a pump.  My doctors delayed starting me on
Humalog because I was going out of town for a wedding and they wanted to
wait until I got back.  I didn't start on Humalog for about 2 weeks after my
diagnosis, and in the meantime I went up in the 400's every time I ate.  I
also went low during the middle of the night, not that low, but low for me
at the time while my body adjusted.  I would wake up soaked with sweat
almost every morning.  But I would wake up over 300.


Are you carb counting and taking your Humalog before you eat according to an
Insulin to carb ratio?  You mention taking it to correct your high BG's, so
it sounds like you're eating without taking any.  Lantus works as your
background insulin, similar to your basal rate on a pump, and Humalog works
as your bolus.  It also sounds like your Lantus dose may be too high if
you're going so low in the night.  Having a higher dose of Lantus won't keep
your blood sugars from rising after you eat or from rising from a Dawn


My first doctors wanted to see what just the Lantus would do in the
beginning, I think to see if I would respond like a Type 2.  But after a
couple days, they knew I would need MDI's.  If I hadn't been going out of
town, they would've started me on them sooner, but I guess they didn't want
me to be doing that without close supervision.  They eventually referred me
to an Endo for a pump.


My current Endo says the other doctors did everything right, but were a
little slow about it.  It sounds like your doctor is even slower than mine
if he doesn't want you to correct, to see what your BG's will do.  Maybe you
should find a different doctor.


I don't know what to tell you about your husband..some people are just
squeamish about those things.  Hopefully he'll get over it, the same we had
to when we first started sticking ourselves.



Dx'd T1 3/02, pumping since 8/02
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