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Re: [IP] Paradigm battery life changed drastically for me...


I've had my Paradigm for 7 months as well.  Battery life has been
erratic since November (over last 7 battery changes: min=6 days,
max=23 days, current battery=21 days and counting).  I've noticed
that most of the times that the batteries have quit early have been
when I'm running outside in very cold weather.  The low battery
alarms occur on the hour and while the pump is pretty cold, since
many times I'm out for 1.5hrs+


>I've had a Paradigm for 7 months now.  Until recently I was about to get
>3 to 4 weeks out of a single Energizer Max battery.  Lately, though,
>this has changed.  I'm unable to get more than 4 days out of a battery.

>I'm beginning to think that the pumps are fine, but that Energizer has
>(inadvertently or not) changed something about their batteries.  Wish I
>could find an older battery to test this theory out...

>Anyone else have something similar going on?

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