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Re: [IP] Pump upgrades - What happens to old pump?

Depending on the kind of pump you have you might want to keep the batteries 
in it.  We got the Paradigm pump in August and didn't  start to pump until 
November so I took the batteries out after we had played with it for awhile. 
  The day before pump start up i bought new batteries and thought I shoud 
revisit the pump so I would know what I was doing.  At 4:30pm the day before 
I put the new batteries in and the pump didn't work so I called mini-med and 
she told me the batteries should have been left in then procedded to walk me 
through some steps and then said she would have to send a new one out.  
Thank goodness I didn't wait until evening to pump play because we wouldn't 
have been able to get a new pump by the next morning.  I think mini-med 
should ahve had a big sign saying store with batteries. I would call you 
pump manufacture and find out.


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