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[IP] Quick questions - need answer before Sat morning



My pump trainer told our Diabetes Ed class to check our meters with
finger-sticks when we went to the lab for a Glucose Test, which is part of a
Metabolic Panel, either Comprehensive or Basic.  This is not the same as the
A1c, but is the test you probably had when you were first diagnosed.  The
number you get on your meter will never match the number from the lab due to
all the specifics everyone else has written about already, but the goal is
to see how close your meter comes.  It should fall within some percentage of
the lab results.  We were told that if the meter's number was so many points
off from the lab (I don't remember how many), we should probably get a
different meter.


I don't know how often your insurance company will pay for a Metabolic
Panel, but I've had 3 in the last year.  On my last test, I did a
finger-stick immediately after they drew the blood.  My meter read 87 and
the lab work came back at 77.  So now I know my meter is 10 points higher
than the lab's test.  By the way, my very first meter that the doctor's
office gave me, that they no longer make (Precision QID), would measure me
30 points higher than my current meter (One Touch Ultra).  So just imagine
if you were having a low blood sugar and your meter said 60 when it was
really 30, or 20 by the lab standards!  Fortunately, I only used that meter
during my first couple of weeks when my blood sugars were still running so
high there was no chance of going that low.


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