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Re: [IP] im a newbie :)

Hey.  Well, I found another thing we have in common, our husbands.  Mine 
doesn't like the idea of me being attached to a pump either.  You should have 
seen his face when he found out it is always on you.  I don't know why this 
bothers them.  Maybe the thought of a foreign object constantly attached to 
their wives makes them nervous.  I guess maybe he sees it as somehow I'll be 
different than I am now.  I don't know.  He's very supportive though, even 
said we could pay for one ourselves if insurance wouldn't cover it.  But he 
still asks me "you have to have that on ALL the time?"  I did get him to 
watch the video MM sent me and he knows how excited I am.  Everyday I tell 
him how much I want that pump.  He'll just have to get used to it.  I figure 
after a while it won't be strange and out of place anymore.  It is funny that 
they are the ones worried about it, and not us.
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