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Re: [IP] Ultra Smart - what one pumper thinks...

>From what I've figured out so far, all readings are automatically 
categorized as one of the following, based on a schedule you set up in the 
before breakfast
after breakfast
before lunch
after lunch
before dinner
after dinner

I haven't decided whether or not I like it since literally ALL readings are 
put into one of these categories. I haven't tried to change the category 
yet, but you can associate a comment with any/every reading including those 
above and several choices under "exercise" and "health" (things like before, 
after, or during exercise or "feeling hypo")

Type 1 8 years, pumping 9 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm

>Is it possible to note that a reading is postprandial?  You can list food,
>but whether or not you are eating after checking isn't nearly so important,
>I wouldn't think, as it is to know that there are carbs in your system 
>being absorbed.
>Years ago, I had a One Touch Profile, and if I remember right, I could note
>that with it.  I would hope the Ultra Smart is the same way.
>dxd 1985, pumping since 1990

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