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[IP] Paradigm battery life changed drastically for me...

I've had a Paradigm for 7 months now.  Until recently I was about to get
3 to 4 weeks out of a single Energizer Max battery.  Lately, though,
this has changed.  I'm unable to get more than 4 days out of a battery.
I don't use vibrate mode and I don't use (and have never enabled) the
remote.  I've verified this.  I also have not changed my use patterns -
using it just like I did in my first 6 months.  (Using same amount of
insulin and occasionally use the backlight.)

My first 4 day battery experience was with a battery from a new 10-pack
of Energizer Max AAAs.  The second battery also only lasted four days.
And then the 3rd gave me 3 days.  I was concerned about this and gave
Minimed a call.  Was told to see how the long the next battery lasted
and proceed from there.

Well, this battery was from a new 4-pack, and only lasted 4 days.
Called Minimed back and they sent me a replacement pump.  This pump was
shipped with a new battery.  Used that one in the new pump, and it only
lasted 4 days.  And so on...

I'm beginning to think that the pumps are fine, but that Energizer has
(inadvertently or not) changed something about their batteries.  Wish I
could find an older battery to test this theory out...

Anyone else have something similar going on?

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