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[IP] im a newbie :)

hello everyone!  I have really been enjoying reading the posts and learning
about pumping, however, I am a very impatient person and the waiting is
killing me.  the insurance company (county ran medi-cal) wants 90 days of at
least four times a day testing records for me to prove that I am capable and
responsible enough to use a pump.  I guess they figure if they are going to
pay for it I might as well do some work too.  its not a problem though.  I'm
going to send the records tomorrow, but after that who knows how long it will

I am in the process of trying to get a job and guess what?  its working for
the county!  hahaha.  I have been trying to get a job with them for months now
because I need the good medical benefits.  I am worried that if I don't get
the pump soon I wont be able to handle a full time job.  since my doctors put
me on lantus I have been getting scary night time lows, most of which I don't
wake up for and then I cant get out of bed until 11 am.  by that time my
sugars go up to about 100 and I can finally wake up.  anytime before that and
I sleep right through the alarm clock.  I'm going to have to get my husband to
wake me up when he goes to work at 5 am so I can check my sugar and just stay
up until I need to go to work.  I guess I cant really call them night time
lows because I have stayed up sometimes until 4 am to catch them but they
never happen when I am awake, but as soon as I go to sleep they are waiting
for me!  also my sugars steadily climb all day until, if untreated reach highs
of above 400.  about six hours after waking I have to start taking humalog
every 3-4 hours to correct super high bgs.  a few weeks ago my doctor told me
to stop taking corrective doses to see what my bgs would do but sometimes I
just get to feeling so bad when my bgs are high (blurry vision, extreme
fatigue, thirst, even vomiting) that I have to give in and take a shot.  how
am I going to keep a job feeling like this??  since it seems like lantus isn't
working like it should for me my doc said he might put me back on twice a day
shots of nph until I get my pump.  right now I'm ready to try anything.

one of my worries about the pump:  my husband.  my doc fitted me with a
cannula (sp?) just so I could try it out for a couple of days and it freaked
my husband out.  he didn't want to touch it or even look at it which of course
kind of brought me down because I was very excited about it.  we didn't fight
about it or anything and he wants me to get a pump because he knows it will
help me to be a healthier, happier person, but it seems like it will take him
a lot longer to get used to it than it will me even though I'm going to be the
one wearing it!  any suggestions??????

sorry for going on so long.  thanks for the welcome sharee!
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