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[IP] Sets

email @ redacted writes:
>I'd appreciate help with two questions:
>1)  I've been looking into the Freestyle Tracker.  I understand that it
>allows you to put in boluses.  Can you do square wave boluses as well?  I
>tend to use those a lot and want to be able to indicate that in the program.
>2)  As a long time pumper (8 1/2 years), I've recently run into trouble with
>what seems to be poor insulin absorption from sites that are more than 2
>days old.  I used to be able to get 3 days out of one site.  I'm using
>Sof-sets; have never tried some of the more superficial types.  I'm
>wondering if more superficial might work better (is there one that goes
>deeper than the sof-set)?  Any advice on creative insertion sites?
>		Ellen

  My endo, who is a pumper himself, says that every one has to change there type
of infusion set eventually in order to prevent the particular tissue layer that
the set uses form becoming filled with poor absorbing scar tissue. He actually
 recommends changing to a different set every year or two. You could try the
Sils, Quicksets, and if you are not on the Paradigm the Ultraflex (from
desetronic). There are other new sets coming out in only a few months.
Best of Luck,
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