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[IP] Gram Scale Use

email @ redacted writes:
><<<I am going to set up my own data base of foods and then modify the scales
>database. If I understand the directions you can not create new foods but
>you can overwrite existing foods. And when you do the overwrite, you are
>inputting values per 100 g so you would have to take published per serving
>values, determine how many servings it takes to make 100 g then multiply
>that by # carb g/serving.>>>
>Have you seen my article on this topic?
>Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
>Jewish Friends With Diabetes

  I went to the Friends With Diabetes web sight, it was very nice and had long
lists of diabetes resources which I had not seen before. I was actually looking
for the info on how to use the scale (I have one too) but could not locate it.
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