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Re: [IP] Freestyle Tracker; Alternate sites?

While the Freestyle Tracker doesn't specifically have an option for entering
a specific bolus type, there is a way to trick the application into thinking
that you're entering a specific bolus type.

When entering a bolus, it asks for what type of insulin you're injecting.
This list of insulin types can be edited by the user.  By editing the list
to include insulin types of "H - Normal" and "H - Square" and using these when
entering the bolus, you should be able to track the info you want.  You can
also enter comments with each insulin dose.  You could enter the duration of
the bolus as a comment.

--- "Johnson, Dr. Ellen" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I'd appreciate help with two questions:
> 1)  I've been looking into the Freestyle Tracker.  I understand that it
> allows you to put in boluses.  Can you do square wave boluses as well?  I
> tend to use those a lot and want to be able to indicate that in the program.
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