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[IP] Re: Mac/Meters/pump/Software

On 2/27/03 8:11 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> My Accucheck complete downloads just fine to my mac or pc and am working on
> getting it to interface with my linux box.  For the mac I use Diabetes Mentor
> for the downloads, was told that that program would even work with the
> accucheck advantage, you need a special cable from accuchect for the
> advantage. (it temp replaces the strip chip)

I am interested in this one. Didn't know about Accu-check doing that, I
actually didn't care for the meter due to other things, but will look into

As I said I'm on digests here and most likely later than heck getting caught
up with mails.

-- iBook (640MB RAM), iPod, iPump, G4 (1.128GB RAM), Camcorder, EPSON 1280
printer, Cell Phone, Cables and PDA...... Yeah, I'm ready to go now...
uhh.... coffee? Where's my coffee???

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Jenny Sutherland
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