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[IP] Mac programs Meters

On 2/26/03 7:36 PM, email @ redacted wrote:

> Do any of the meter companies have programs to download the info in any of
> their meters to a Mac?
> Thanks,
> Jan and ElvisToo

In all my searching, so far no go. The only workaround is to buy another
program for the Mac called "Virtual PC" (By Connectix) and run this Windows
emulator through your Mac. It has a new version VPC 6 which apparently runs
quite well in OS X.2 also. It is a MAJOR memory hog, though, so I use mine
on the desktop and now can try it on the iBook, now that I added 512 MB RAM
(It is now at 640MB, and the desktop is 1.128GB RAM).

When I can score for the InSight or pump software, I'll give it a try in VPC
as well. I had been most successful with the DEX Software. Then I got into
ULTRAs. The ULTRA uses a huge pin cable, and I mainly had to run that
through a Keyspan USB adapter. But in VPC 5.1, their software would crash
the windows. (The Mac carries on, but VPC will give me grief over the meter
software. Lifescan has a 'workaround, if you want to go back to Mac OS 8.6
and do 32 steps...IMO that just isn't worth it.

I can't afford VPC 6 right now and since that is the only reason I would
have to buy VPC is the meter/pump software, I'll mooch Thomas' PC.

As the Mac community IS growing, I'm hoping to see new versions of the
meter's software very soon.

-- iBook (640MB RAM), iPod, iPump, G4 (1.128GB RAM), Camcorder, EPSON 1280
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Jenny Sutherland
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