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Re: [IP] Pump upgrades - What happens to old pump?

> My daughter is going to be upgrading her Minimed 507C soon.  I have
> been assuming that since we paid for 20% of the pump, we get to keep it.
> Is that correct?  If so, then the question is, how do we store this pump
> so that it can be used as a "back-up"?  Just keep batteries in it? Liz B.

Unless you need to trade in your pump to reduce your copay portion, the pump
is yours to keep.  (Since insurance companies don't get diabetes, it
wouldn't be of any use to them!)

I would call MM technical support with that question, but I have asked it
before with conflicting answers.  Twice I've been told it must be stored
with the batteries in place.  When you do this, you need to either 1) change
the batteries routinely every month or six weeks, before they might die, or
2) store it out in the open where you are likely to hear a no power alarm
going off.

They aren't meant to be stored without batteries.  This make MM pumps
incredibly hard to use as back up.

I asked the question one other time, and that time was told, "Sure, take the
batteries out."  My assumption is that the two agreeing answers must be
correct, but that does make MM pumps unlike almost any other piece of
electrical equipment.

It would be nice if they would figure out for themselves the correct way to
store the pump and let us know.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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