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Re: [IP] Mac programs for meters

Sorry, what I meant was that it would be nice to have a program that you can
download your readings directly from your meter. However, I will look into
HealthEngage Diabetes for OS X.

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> << . It would be nice to have a stand alone Mac specific
> diabetes management program.  >>
> There may be. Here's from the December issue of Diabetes Interview:
> Mac users who have been bemoaning the lack of diabetes management software
> designed for their operating systems now have access to one. HeathEngage
> Diabetes 3.0.1 allows you to record medications and insulin, exercise,
> blood-glucose levels, personal notes, and more. It has a built-in food data
> base and an alert system that reminds you of appointments, upcoming tests and
> supply reorders when you log in.
>   The software also lets you combine the data you have input-such as
> glucose readings, medication, insulin, exercise, meals, test results,
> personal notes and more-into one report that you can print out and take to
> your doctor.
>   HealthEngage Diabetes for Mac OS X is a product of FireLogic Inc., and is
> available for $59.99. For more information, to download a free trial, or to
> order the software, log onto www.healthengage.com.
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