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Re: [IP] Pump upgrades - What happens to old pump?

> My daughter is going to be upgrading her Minimed 507C soon.  I have
> been assuming that since we paid for 20% of the pump, we get to keep
> it. Is that correct?  If so, then the question is, how do we store
> this pump so that it can be used as a "back-up"?  Just keep
> batteries in it? Liz B.

Batteries out...

Usually the pump company will allow you to return the old pump 
instead of paying the co-pay portion of the new pump. In the event 
you do get to keep it, you may wish to donate it to IP for use by 
others and take a tax deduction for it's value. This can offer 
substantial tax savings as well as benefit others in the long run.

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