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Re: [IP] Quick questions - need answer before Sat morning

First you have to consider the type of meter and what sort of glucose it is 
measuring and then you have to take in to account the difference between 
blood from a vein and blood from a capillary, and then you have to know 
what the expected difference is between your meter and a lab test results. 
I don't think you can take a drop of blood they give you from your blood 
vessel and put it on your test strip. The strip is for measuring capillary 
blood. Maybe you could if you knew all the other variables and knew how to 
figure out the differences.

>When I have my machine checked for accuracy, usually the doc has to order a
>, ummmmmmm dang, I forget the proper terminology, but they just do a sugar
>reading on your blood(so its in addition to the A1C), and I get them to put
>a drop of that blood onto the test strip so we are testing the same blood ;)
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