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RE: [IP] Help with choosing a pump


When I was looking for a pump, the newness of the Cozmo was also my main
concern. In doing my research, I learned that Deltec has been in the
infusion pump business for years, is one of the industry leaders, and has an
excellent reputation. After a meeting with my salesman, I decided that it
was worth a try, since the Cozmo has features that are far ahead of the

Six weeks into using my Cozmo, I'm very satisfied (this is my first pump). I
have found that service from my salesman, trainer, and Deltec has been top
drawer - they're all competent, concerned, reliable, and efficient - not to
mention very personable. I was the first Cozmo user in my hmo, so we went
through some delays getting the contract with the hmo set up. I was kept
informed of the progress throughout the process. My salesman even returned
my calls while he was on vacation over the holidays! You may experience some
delays/frustrations with the process as well, but keep in mind that they are
rolling out the system, and there are bound to be a few kinks at the
beginning. I think you'll find any frustration well worth it when you start
using the Cozmo.

Things I like best:
1. Small size and weight.
2. Intuitive menu, easy to navigate.
3. Everything's in plain English - no codes to memorize - when the cartridge
is getting low, the warning is something like "your cartridge is getting
low". I can understand that!
4. Bolus correction feature - takes into account your numbers, calculates
remaining insulin on board, and makes a bolus suggestion based on your
target blood sugar. It can be done alone or in conjunction with a meal
bolus. Helps to avoid crashing!
5. Lauer lock permits me to use any infusion set that I want to use.
6. Very reliable (at least so far!)
7. My endo, pump nurse, and dietitian consider it the leading edge in pumps!
8. So far, no major complaints!

Hope this is helpful.

Good Luck!


BTW, I don't work for Deltec - I just happen to be a very satisfied and
enthusiastic customer! I'm not trying to start a pump war - just relating my
experience to-date.

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     I'm haveing a tough time choosing a pump, and was hoping you folks
be able to give me some pros and cons about the pumps you are all using.  I
was going to go with the MidiMed Paradigm, but Ive heard it has had some
problems.  My number one choice right now is the Cosmo, and I'm almost ready
to order it.  I seems easy to use, and is fairly small and very light
 But even thought Deltac has been making medical pumps for years, this is
their first insuline pump, and that does make me wonder about long term
problems and issues.  Anyone using one yet?
    Thanks for all you help
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