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[IP] Quick questions - need answer before Sat morning


 I know this may sound stupid, but how exactly does one do to check a meters
accuracy when taking blood from my vein?

 I think I must be missing something. Do you take a sample of that blood and run
the meter with it and then do a test of your finger and run the meter again??
and check for the delta of those or Do you have in addition to the A1c a BG test
done by the lab and compare it to your meter value. I am confused!!!

 I am asking because I am going Saturday morning for my A1c test and would like
to take the opportunity to 'check' my meter.

 I know some people have mentioned they do this, Beth Voystock, was just the
most recent one to mentioned it.
>>We check the calibration every 3 months when Jack gets his A1c done. >>

Many Thanks!
Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Wanting to check her Precision Xtra from Medisense's meter accuracy :O)
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