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[IP] Ultra Smart - what one pumper thinks...

I got my Ultra Smart on Tuesday, and have been using it for almost 2 days 
now. Here are my other impressions, compared to the Ultra I've been using:

1. I was suprised at how small it is. Although it comes with a larger case, 
it fits in the same case (although not "strapped in") as my Ultra.
2. Display is great - lot more detail, slightly larger, and in my opinion 
easier to read. Backlight is good for night time testing and general 
visibility. Not sure how it would be for folks with eyesight issues - some 
of the fonts are somewhat small, although the actual glucose reading is 
still large.
3. Logging capabilities are so-so. It does have some features for pumpers - 
boluses can be entered only in 0.1 increments, and while basals cannot be 
entered, there is an option to enter TDD. Custom comments are not possible, 
so you'd better like the pre-programmed ones. Comments are categorized as 
health, food, or exercise. For food you can enter Carbs, Fat, Calories, and 
Protiens (numbers of grams of each). You cannot log a site change, which I 
would really like to be able to do.
4. This is a problem I see with every diabetes software I've seen out there, 
and its a problem with the Ultra Smart too - It won't let me enter 
square/dual waves differently from straight boluses or in this case even 
indicate there is a difference with a comment.
5. Graphing and analysis tools look good, although not much to go on with 
only 2 day's data! Here's the options from the analysis menu:
Graph of All Results
Graph by time of day
Average of all results (can pick the # of days)
Average by time of day (can pick the # of days)
Average by exercise
Glucose range info
It doesn't have the "standard day" graph that I love in my "Diabetes Mentor" 
6. It has up AND down buttons when setting the test strip code - used to 
drive me nuts to have to go all the way around when I missed the code on the 
7. It uses AAA batteries - same as my Paradigm!
8. When you test using an alternate site, you can note that and see it 
9. It appears to prompt you to verify the test strip code every 25 strips? - 
Not sure about this one yet, but it did prompt me when I started a new 
bottle this morning.

I haven't tried to download it yet - will probably try that tonight and see 
what I get. I generally don't like the One Touch diabetes management 
software, but I'm hoping I can at least get a printout of stuff that's in 
the meter.

It still doesn't give me perfect readings every time - would love to see a 
meter always say I'm between 80-120! ;)


Type 1 8 years, pumping 9 months with Buzz the MM paradigm

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