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Re: [IP] Mac programs for meters

Unfortunately I've been trying to find one for several years. It's too bad
that the company that's popularized drop down menus, easy installs, the
mouse, usb, firewire, etc...is completely ignored by the billion dollar
diabetes industry. It would be nice to have a stand alone Mac specific
diabetes management program. Sorry about the rant.


On 2/26/03 10:52 PM, "Earl and Kay Guy" <email @ redacted> wrote:

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> There was a thread about this several months ago. What I remember is
> that some of the PC software works on Macs with Virtual PC. I haven't
> tried it yet though someone had when we last discussed it.
> I would love to have the software in Mac format too.
> Kay
> email @ redacted wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Do any of the meter companies have programs to download the info in any of
>> their meters to a Mac?
>> Thanks,
>> Jan and ElvisToo
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